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Patient Testimonials

Got My Life Back

“I was referred to PINN by Dr. Robert Meyer at Group Health for my second attempt at physical therapy and work hardening. The first time I had been sent to another therapy provider for 23 weeks and still walked with a severe limp. I honestly thought that I would have this limp for the rest of my life and became depressed do to it.

PINN helped me get my life back. Every day I would walk in the doors and was greeted with a smile and a positive attitude. The physical therapists and occupational therapists worked together with an assessment and plan that worked for me. The daily routine of work hardening and being in a positive environment got me back to work. The best part is, I no longer walk with a limp.”

Pamela Carlstrom-Bruce |
In Home Work Aide

A Positive Attitude

"I am currently in the Work Conditioning Program at PINN. When I first started here, I could barely walk up a flight of stairs. Through this program, I have had a lot of positive reinforcement. My physical therapists and occupational therapists work together and make sure that I am constantly progressing toward reaching my goal of getting back to work. My program at PINN is five days a week and I feel like the therapists really listen to me. They take my prior shoulder injuries seriously and work as a team to make sure that I don’t aggravate them.

PINN has helped me maintain a positive attitude. Everyone works together and communicates, not only with the other therapists, but with the patients too. I look forward to getting back to work because I like my job. Having this goal is what keeps me going every day."

Richard Veich |
Allison Transmission Specialist